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How do you buy a set of darts?  With the vast array of  dart barrels currently available, selecting THE set that is perfect for you can be fraught with danger.

Do you just pick the darts of your favourite player on the TV? Sounds simple but which weight do you get? The ones they play with or do you just pick the set in the middle of the range?

Gait analysis.

Dedicated runners from the weekend warrior to the elite marathon runner all understand the need to ensure they have the correct footwear. They know that running in an inappropriate shoes cause issues with their gait. This in turn develops into compensation injuries, often sidelining them for months.

Darting analysis

Trying to watch yourself playing darts is just as difficult as trying to watch your golf back swing. In other words it’s almost impossible. Yes, you can use a mirror and a plethora of cameras. The reality is it’s not like watching it in real time.

The best way of having your throw analysed is to have someone else do it for you. Especially if they understand the bio mechanics of a dart throw/

They are able to look in all planes and will be able to quickly identify any areas for improvement.

…… so how do you buy a new set of darts?

Unless you are buying an identical set to the ones you are already throwing, the best way is to visit a specialist darts shop. Being able to  “road test” them will reduce the chances of getting it wrong. Randomly picking your favourite players darts is never the best way forward. The same can be said in trying to pick a set from the mind boggling array of designs available online.

When visiting a specialist dart shop, they should work with you in finding your perfect darting set up. The process should be broken into a number of key elements. From weight, grip location on the barrel and or point and possibly the price.

The one thing they should never do is get you to change your natural way of holding the dart. You must be able to transfer your darts from your holding hand into your throwing hand with minimal fuss. It should feel natural at all times. It should be repetitive without the need to keep looking. Everyone holds and throws their darts differently and it has been shown to be detrimental in having someone try to change your natural grip.


The weight of your dart is critical. Do you throw your darts hard at the board?  How long are you going to play for in each session. Other smaller factors play an important role in the selection of your correct weight.


Finding the correct barrel shape and how you naturally grip and throw the darts should also be taken into consideration. Do you need parallel barrels, front weighted or rear weighted. Identifying the launch point of the dart will provide invaluable information as to where the grip of the dart be located. Your individual preference may determine how aggressive the grip is.  Some players like to have little or no grip depending on how lightly they hold their darts.


Some will say you can’t put a price on your perfect set of darts. Whilst this may be true for those who play professionally, price can be a consideration for those just starting out.

There are great sets of darts to be purchased in the lower price bracket. They will serve you well, however, there are some limitations.

The wider your price range the increased number of options you will have available to you. Different weights for the same design. Various  grip patterns with different dimensions due to the  materials used, The higher the ratio of tungsten used the thinner the darts will be.

Fine tuning

Once you have identified the right weight, grip and price point, there comes the small matter of fine tuning your set up. The length of the shafts and the size and design of the flights all need to be experimented with to ensure you have that perfect set up.

You must be looking for comfort, consistency and control in your throw. Your darts should all be sitting in the board at the same angle, and more importantly where you aimed them.

Darts is a game based on accuracy and part of being able to achieve this is by having a consistent throw you have complete control over.

Dedicated darts shop

If you live in Melbourne, you have access to a premium dedicated darts shop Dart World Australia. They are set up to allow you to try different darts, shafts and flights and their staff are fully committed to helping you find the best dart set up for you.

Dart World Australia has proven process of dart selection. They will offer you a number of solutions, but they will never push you in one direction or other. The final decision must rest with you and how comfortable you feel with the options available.

It is only fair to warn you these guys are so dedicated that the process may take a little longer than you imagined. You should be prepared to be there for at least an hour as they search for your perfect dart set up.


So how do you buy a set of darts?

Some players get lucky and find the perfect set up in minutes. The majority of players are not so lucky and can spend a lifetime trying to find that extra little bit of control and increase their consistency.

The vast array of darting equipment available online probably makes the decision making process all too hard. Thousands of dollars will have been spent on new darts, only for them to be thrown a handful of times before being tossed in the draw never to see daylight again.

If you have access to a darts store like Dart World Australia the time invested in going there and utilising their services will be repaid over and over again.

So why leave anything to chance? Get down to your local darts shop and start testing those new darts you have had your eyes on for a while. You never know they might be the ones for you. Or, there might be a better option lurking on the shelf, that you have never considered.

If you have any questions please click here and fill in a contact form, and the Dart Doctor Australia will get back to you as soon as possibles

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